Christmas Projects

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and your 2015 has started out nicely. The holidays were very busy around our house, we all enjoyed the time together and are now trying to get back into life as normal.

I wanted to share a couple pictures of some projects I’d been working on for Christmas. Unfortunately I didn’t get these posted DURING Christmas, but better late than never!

The first was Molly’s Christmas dress. I originally made a different dress for her, but through my own not paying attention made it 2 sizes too big. (Remember that old saying, measure twice – cut once… well I needed to put this bit of logic to use) So I decided to make a new one from a pattern I’d done before and knew was pretty simple and goes together fast.
This is from Simplicity 3854 with slight modifications to the sleeves, which unfortunately you can’t see with her jacket on. I made the sleeves 3/4 length and kept the dress length longer since it’s winter and the pattern is more of a spring/summer style. I used a Winter plaid print flannel which turned out very nice and kept her relatively warm too. To finish it off I hand stitched a cream/gold ribbon around the waist and adorned with a white wood decorative button in front. I was very happy with how it turned out and thankful that I was able to get a new dress made in time.

The photo below was from the photoshoot I did with Molly for her Christmas pictures.  It was the last day we had snow and we ended up with about 20 minutes of daylight before it was too dark for nice photos.  The poor thing was so cold, even with the furry jacket on, so we had to snap some photos as quick as possible and get back to the warm car.  I got some great photos of her though that I was really happy with.


The 2nd project I got finished up this year were new Christmas stockings for the 3 of us. I wanted to do something that I could easily add to in the future if we needed to, so I chose a cream flannel as the stocking with red for the sleeves. Then on each stocking I did a different color Dala horse. Each horse took quite a bit of time since all the individual pieces had to be hand stitched together, but I definitely think it was worth the time and effort.


And the final project I worked on was a blanket for my nephew. Since he was born so close after Molly was born I wasn’t able to make him a proper baby blanket, and I really felt bad I wasn’t able to. So better late than never! I inherited a knitting machine from my Grandma last year and wanted something simple to learn the basics so I did a large square as the backing. The front are all flannel squares which makes it very soft and cuddly. It was my first time doing the front of the blanket completely from flannel and I think it makes a lovely baby blanket, I will definitely do that again.

(Please forgive the bad flashy phone picture, I forgot to take a nice photo with daylight)

I have a few things for the Etsy shop I’m working on at the moment, so please watch for new items in the next month. I’m very excited to be starting on a new project soon too, I will share photos when it’s finished and delivered to the recipient!

Happy New Year!



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